Microsoft Software License Terms

The license agreement depends on how you obtained the Windows software. So there is two options:

  1. Between you and the device manufacturer or software installer that distributes the software with your device.
  2. Between you and Microsoft Corporation if you acquired the software from a retailer.

Let’s clarify, Microsoft is the device manufacturer for devices produced by Microsoft or one of its affiliates. Also, Microsoft is the retailer if you acquired the software directly from Microsoft. We want to be clear explaining that if you are a volume license customer, you should read your volume license agreement rather than this agreement.
In this article you will find a description of your rights and the conditions. It is important that you read every term of this license.
To use the software you should accept this agreement and allows Microsoft to transmit some information during the activation and use of the software. If you do not accept the terms you may not use the software or, perhaps, not all there features.


  • Applicability: this agreement applies not only to the software that you install from a retailer but also to Windows software that is preinstalled on your device. Also to the media on which you received the software, icons, fonts, sounds and images included with the software. Besides, it applies to Microsoft updates, upgrades, supplements, apps developed by Microsoft or services for the software.
  • Additional terms: some features, services and apps may have some additional terms. Please read them.

Installation and Use Rights.

  • License: the software is not sold, it is licensed. This agreement grand you the right to install and run the software on your device. It applies for use by one person at a time. You do not have a license to use the software if you update or upgrade it from non-genuine software. It does not make your original version or the updated/upgraded version genuine.
  • Device: it means in terms of this agreement hardware system that is capable of running the software. 
  • Restrictions: there are some not expressly granted in this agreement that Microsoft reserve all rights of the device manufacturer or installer. As an example you sould no use or virtualize features of the software separately or publish, copy or lend the software. 

Multi use scenarios.
It may happen that when you acquire the software you are provided with multiple versions (such as 32-bit and 64-bit versions), you may install and activate only one of those versions at a time.

Device connections
When you install a software you will probably be required to allow up to 20 other devices to access the software installed on the licensed device to be able to use some features like file services, print services, Internet information services, and Internet connection sharing and telephony services on the licensed device. However, it does not mean that you have the right to install the software, or use the primary function of the software.

Remote assistance
It is possible to use remote assistance technologies to share an active session without obtaining additional licenses for the software. This kind of assistance allows one user to connect directly to another user’s computer, it is useful to correct problems.

Microsoft always try to transmit that our privacy is important to them. Once you have accepted this agreement, Microsoft is allowed to collect and use the information as described in the Microsoft Privacy Statement (click here to know further).

Windows constantly checks for system and app updates. It downloads and installs them for you. Once you accept the agreement, you agree to receive these types of automatic updates without any additional notice.


  • Limited Warranty: as we explained before, depending on how you obtained the software or devise manufacturer or installer the warrant works different. This limited warranty does not cover problems that you cause or if you have not followed the instructions correctly. The limited warranty starts when the first user acquires the software, and lasts for one year or 90 days depending on how you acquired Microsoft.
  • Limited Remedy: If Microsoft, or the device manufacturer or installer, breaches its limited warranty, they can choose between repair or replace the software at no charge, or refund you the amount paid. About supplements or updates: the device manufacturer or installer may also repair or replace or refund you. It is relevant to clarify that limited warranty gives you specific legal rights, however, may also have other rights which vary from state to state or country to country.


  • For software preinstalled on a device: you should contact the device manufacturer or installer for support options. On the other hand, for updates and supplements obtained directly from Microsoft, Microsoft may provide limited support services.
  • For software acquired from a retailer: on this case Microsoft provides limited support services.

Finally, Microsoft try to avoid disputes but if you do they agree to try to solve it informally for 60 days. If it cannot be solved in that period, a neutral arbitrator will decide.

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